Real Estate Agency in Cleveland and Bratenahl, OH

Chestnut Hill Realty Inc. is a small, family-owned residential real estate company serving the Greater Cleveland area. Chestnut Hill Realty Inc. specializes in the luxury real estate market on both the east and west sides of Cleveland, with an anchor in the lakefront community of Bratenahl. Because we're independent, we're able to give each client personalized attention while they are looking for their next home. Due to the nature of the clients we serve, you will notice we have a number of "pocket listings," some of which are luxury homes listed exclusively on our site. This, along with our network, allows us to showcase a home in a discrete fashion so as to attract the right buyer for the best price rather than a quick buyer for a fair price.


Craig Cantrall and his partner Linda Musarra acquired Chestnut Hill Inc. more than 30 years ago. At the time, it was a small brokerage located in the prominent lakefront community of Bratenahl. With the help of agent Judith Hallack, they immediately began to build a network of clients and create a name for themselves among Cleveland's most influential residents. As word spread among clients and their inner circles, the success of Chestnut Hill Realty Inc. grew along with the areas they began to serve. Over the years, Chestnut Hill Realty Inc. has had clients in wealthy neighborhoods throughout Shaker Heights, Hunting Valley, Westlake, Rocky River, Pepper Pike, Gates Mills, among others. Six years ago Craig's son, Brian joined the company, and has made improvements to the organization through software tools as well as an updated web presence. More recently Chestnut Hill has added Lauren Wardwell who markets our listings, manages our social media presence and takes our photos and this has helped us to streamline our listing and closing process.


An agent's role today is not simply to show homes to clients; any licensed agent can open the door for you. In fact, now that clients have online access to what's on the market, they often lead the search. A Chestnut Hill Realty Inc. agent advises you through your search. Our clients lead, but our experience and intuition help guide. We understand that buying a home is a very large investment, but we also know that money isn't the only cost. The process of buying a home bears costs in time, stress, and emotional energy. It is our responsibility to minimize all of those costs for you.

Many problems can arise throughout the purchase or sale, and our decades of experience allow us to navigate you through those issues smoothly. We know that you can use any agent to buy a house, but our agents not only negotiate for a living, but they also anticipate problems before they occur. We operate on the principle that if we can save you those external costs, you will pay us back by becoming an advocate for us and joining our network.