Don't see your question below? Ask the CHR Marketing Team
Here are some of our most frequently asked questions...

Q: Why have I never heard of CHR before?
A: We are the most successful locally owned real estate Brokerage in Northeast Ohio, but we do not do anywhere near the volume of the National Brands so our name recognition is limited to the luxury niche and the networks of the clients we serve.
Q: If I'm thinking about selling my home, which CHR agent should I choose?
A: We have a team of 5 agents, all with different niches within the market. At Chestnut Hill, all of our agents work together as a team to help each other and each other’s clients, rather than competing against one another. So when choosing from Chestnut Hill's team, you are really getting the skills and expertise of 5 agents instead of 1. Visit Meet Our Team page to view the background of all of our agents, but know that no matter which agent you choose, you are getting the support of the entire CHR team.
Q: How has selling real estate changed?
A: Real estate used to be sold by yard signs, newspaper ads and books of homes that clients would look through at an agent's office to find out what was on the market. Today we use a wide variety of marketing tools to sell our properties, tailored to each specific seller and home that we are working with. All of our homes are listed on our website (unless otherwise requested) and if desired, the home will be entered into the Multiple Listing service (MLS) where it will be syndicated with a number of other real estate sites. In addition to this, we also utilize various avenues of social media as part of our online marketing, as well as various print publications.
Q: How is CHR keeping up with the changing technology?
A: In the past year, we have made significant changes to our website, in addition to really building up our social media presence. Our website is now much more user-friendly across all of the different devices available in today's market. The way clients are able to use and interact with others on our site is also much more advanced.
Q: Do you only display your properties on your website?
A: No, we display most of the listings in NE Ohio including ours, as well as other agents' listings so long as their listings are above $200,000.
Q: Do I need to create an account/log in to use your website?
A: No, we have a very user-friendly website that does not require you to create an account to use it.
Q: Can I save houses I like on your website?
A: Yes! So long as you use the same computer/phone. The star on each listing is the "Favorites" indicator. Click that star to add it to your favorites, it will turn yellow when it has been added. To view a list of your favorites, click "Favorites" under the "Browse Homes" tab.
Q: How do I email houses I like to my friend/spouse/parents?
A: You can email individual houses by clicking the envelope icon on the listing, or to email a list of houses you like, "favorite" those houses by clicking the star icon, and then click the envelope on your Favorites page.
Q: What are Private listings on your website?
A: These are listings that you will only find on our website, we target the exposure for these homes to a select group of people.
Q: Do I need an agent to see properties?
A: An agent does have to accompany a showing, however you do not need an agent to attend an open house, but if you do, know that if you want to buy that house you have to be represented by the agent holding the open house, unless you let them know that you're represented.
Q: What makes your pictures different/better than others?
A: We use a wide angle camera lens to take high dynamic range photos. Each shot takes a series of 9 identical photos at different exposures. Our photographer then develops those photos together as layers, creating a much higher quality image than with standard photographs.